THCa Flower
THCa Flower
THCa Flower
THCa Flower
THCa Flower
THCa Flower
THCa Flower

THCa Flower

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THCa Flower preserved in a nitrogen-flushed container

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new development in the world of hemp - the legal sale of THCa flower! Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, THCa flower with less than 0.3% THC by dry weight is now legal to sell, and we're proud to offer this groundbreaking product to our customers. But not only is our THCa flower legal, but it's also expertly preserved in sealed nitrogen-flushed containers, ensuring the utmost freshness until the moment you open it. When you do, you'll even hear a satisfying whooshing sound as the seal is broken. We're dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products, which is why we provide lab reports for each strain of THCa flower we sell, showing that it meets the legal limit. We're excited to be at the forefront of this new and exciting development in the hemp industry, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Product Details

Zen Master’s THCa Flower comes in popular and dank strains.

Please consider all THCa strains LIMITED EDITION!!

What does Limited Edition mean? These are limited to the amount that is available due to it being grown in harvests. Once we're out of strains, it's very likely we will move on to another one. Strains will come back when another harvest is completed. We will have a live inventory count soon so you can see how much is left in quantity so you are able to make decisions when to order so that you get hold of specific strains.

How is THCa Flower produced?

THCa flower is produced by hydroponic growers who use a special enzyme in the nutrients to prevent the conversion of THCa into THC. These growers use popular strains of cannabis and make sure that the end product remains within the legal limit of Industrial Hemp, which is less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

How does THCa still work if it's locked up in THCa?

Although THCa does not have the psychoactive effects of THC in its raw form, it still has therapeutic benefits. THCa is an acidic form of THC and is believed to have many benefits on its own. However, to unlock the psychoactive effects of THCa, it needs to go through a process called decarboxylation, which is a fancy word for heating up or lighting on fire. When you heat THCa, it converts into THC, which is what gives you the traditional marijuana high. This is why THCa flower needs to be heated before consumption to activate its psychoactive effects. It also acts as a CB1 receptor antagonist, meaning that it can inhibit the psychoactive effects of THC when used together.

How is THCa Legal?

THCa is legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized industrial hemp and products derived from it, including THCa flower. As long as the THCa flower contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, it is considered legal under federal law.

What types of effects does THCa flower give you?

THCa flower can provide the same effects as typical THC and marijuana, but only after it has been heated and decarboxylated. Until then, the THCa flower will not produce psychoactive effects but may still have therapeutic benefits.

How do I use THCa Flower?

THCa flower is used by heating it to decarboxylate the THCa into THC. This can be achieved by by heating it with fire or in an oven at around 200-250°F for 30-40 minutes. When using THCa flower, it is important to note that the act of heating the flower is what decarboxylates it, allowing the THC to become active.

Did the DEA really confirm this form of THCa Flower is legal? YES!

On January 6, 2022, the DEA stated: “material that is derived or extracted from the cannabis plant such as tissue culture and any other genetic material that has a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of no more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis meets the legal definition of “hemp” and is thus not controlled under the CSA.”

Can I get in legal trouble with THCa Flower?

THCa flower is legal in its unheated and unsmoked form. However, driving around while smoking THCa flower is not advisable as heating it up alters its chemical composition, potentially leading to illegal THC levels in the flower and your body.

Does THCa flower get you high?

Yes, THCa flower can get you high, but only after it has been heated and decarboxylated to convert the THCa into THC. Until then, THCa flower will not produce psychoactive effects, but may still have therapeutic benefits.

What is THCa vs THC and how are they different?

THCa is the acidic form of THC, and it does not have psychoactive effects until it has been heated and decarboxylated to convert it into THC. THC, on the other hand, is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that produces the "high" associated with its use.

Why is the THCa in this weird sealed can?

The THCa flower is sealed in a nitrogen-flushed container to preserve its freshness and potency. Nitrogen-flushed packaging is a common method used in the food industry to prevent spoilage and maintain product quality. By removing the oxygen in the container and replacing it with nitrogen, the THCa flower is protected from exposure to light, air, and moisture, all of which can degrade its quality over time. The sealed container also helps to prevent oxidation and the breakdown of THCa into THC, which would make the product illegal. When you open the container, you will hear a whooshing air sound, indicating that the nitrogen has created pressure. This ensures that you get the highest quality THCa flower when you're ready to use it.

How to read the THCa lab reports:

Here is a screenshot of the lab report done on our THCA flower strain called Gorilla Cookies.

What you see above is the individual cannabinoid testing and then a summary of Total THC, Total THC + Delta 8, Total CBD and Total CBG. Then you have a total summary of all cannabinoids. First, note that the Tetrahydrocannbinol (Delta 9 THC) comes out to 0.24% or 2.42 mg a gram. This is the legal limit of Delta 9 THC of <0.3% of Delta 9 THC by Dry Weight. The next thing you need to take into account is that these lab reports are reporting the analysis on a gram of flower. If your flower container is 3.5 grams then you need to multiply your Total Cannabinoids x 3.5 (216.69 x 3.50) = 758.41 Total Cannabinoids. To figure out the total amount of Delta 9 THC you would take the Delta 9 THC line 2.42mg x 3.5 = 8.47. Now, remember, the reason this flower is legal is that all the THC is locked up in the acidic form, THCa. To convert that over for decarboxylation we use the formula (THCa x 0.877 + Delta 9 THC) or in this lab report’s instance (82.34 x 0.877 + 2.42) = 74.63mg/g. Then take this amount multiplied by the amount of grams of flower you have, let’s say 3.5g which would equal 261.21 Total Delta 9 THC.