CBD Sunburn Pain Relief

Could CBD be the best sunburn pain relief?

Summer is here and if you're like me, CBD is a term you're starting to hear more and more.  But Why??  Some studies tell us that not only will this herbal extraction help our anxiety, muscle pain, and acne, but it could also condition our eylashes.   Almost every day, we're asked, so what can CBD do for me.  While other articles cover many topics, today's feature is all about American Shaman's Equine Ointment for sunburns and sunburn pain relief.  Traditionally this product is used for inflammation and joint paint, migraines, arthritis and other symptoms.  However, after researching online about it's powers for sunburn relief, I decided to give it a try.  It is loaded with Aloe Vera Gel, DMSO, CBD and Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Concentrate and also contains Vitamin A, D, & E Oil along with some lanolin.  

cbd sunburn pain relief


For now the focus will remain on CBD relief for sunburns.  I spent hours in the sun this weekend and developed quite a severe sunburn on my neck and arms.  Before going to bed, I utilized the American Shaman CBD Equine Ointment on the affected areas.  I woke up the next morning with no sunburn pain to speak of.  The redness had all but disappeared turning into a deep tan and there was no pain left.  It was truly amazing to see how quickly this product removed the sunburn and provided true pain relief.

Often used as an anti-inflammatory in topical formulas, CBD is one sunburn remedy we never considered — but that was a mistake. Dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, confirms that although CBD can be used for ailments both internally and externally, it's great for skin burns because of its anti-inflammatory effect, and its power to reduce pain and prevent potential infections.
Unfortunately, the market has yet to catch up to this discovery. For now you can find many products out there and very few if any are marketed for sunburns and sunburn pain relief.  But American Shaman Equine Ointment used alone or in conjunction with the CBD Hydrating Body Lotion, is sure to cure a sunburn in hours.


But Why is CBD 2018's Newest Sunburn Relief Cream?

“More research needs to be done but it is promising,” says Joyce Fox, a dermatologist at Cedars Sinai Hospital in California and a professor of clinical dermatology at UCLA. “There have been [CBD products] that are recommended—not specifically necessarily for sunburn—but just as an anti-inflammatory.” Fox says that dermatologists are “more adventurous” doctors, open to trying even off-label things if it’ll help their patients, but she also says she doesn’t know of any studies that tout CBD as beneficial for sunburn.

While CBD’s been known to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, there is indeed very skimpy research on its benefits to human skin. Still, it made sense to me; which is why I gave it a try. American Shaman will tell you that while the lotion isn't marketed as a sunburn solution, people do use it as one because the CBD, along with aloe vera gel and DMSO, have a cooling, soothing effect on sunburned skin.

A learning moment: Sunburn is actually the skin attempting to heal itself. “[It’s] a delayed reaction to ultraviolet or infrared, at an excess if you’ve been in the sun too long,” research tells me. “The mechanism of a sunburn is a release of inflammatory cells to kind of repair the skin. That’s why there’s increased sensitivity. There’s skin pressure and heat, swelling, and even blistering sometimes.”  Aloe vera is the first thing everyone thinks of to soothe sunburn because it has a strong cooling effect and it keeps the water content in the skin so you don’t dehydrate. “That much we know and have found to be factual,” “But it also may have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

So, is CBD is the next frontier for skin relief, many more clinical trials and research needs to be done to say this for certain, but one thing I've found clear, the pain relief and burn healing was instant.  Feel free to post your comments and questions below.